Karl Mochel

I am a veteran user experience architect (product designer works too) with over 14+ years of experience leading research and design with multi-disciplinary teams teams to create innovative digital experiences via principled design and pragmatic deliverables for leading-edge organizations, including the following...

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I am looking for a contract or full-time principal design role working on complex, wicked problems. I enjoy visualization, analytics, integrations, automation, healthcare, and a wide variety of enterprise and mixed reality domains and technologies, but can be happy as long as the domain is interesting and the product valuable.


I have been a product designer of experiences across a broad range of fields including the industrial internet, collaboration, ideation, most enterprise business processes, CAD and manufacturing, as well as experiences in 3D modeling, rendering and animation, and virtual reality. Below are highlights from my career.

Soup to nuts - Visualization, Automation, Integrations, Developer support

Recently I led activities to elicit direction and strategy across Developer Services, Automation, and Administration products. I was hired to lead the design of the Insights visualization experience, which I led from ideation through release.

As others have said, Karl has an incredible ability to understand a complex problem space and ultimately deliver elegant design solutions. His ability to leverage his design and technical expertise is obvious and well documented. However, what has been most impactful to me is Karl’s ability and passion for teaching others.

Chuck Coury, Staff Product Designer at BILL

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Visualization, Industrial IoT, and Mixed Reality for big machines

It was an honor to work in the UX group of GE’s Global Research division working on visualization and industrial experiences. Among the many projects I led or worked on the best were building a gaming experience to teach the value of software for wind turbine farms and a tool to operationalize machine learning and physics analytics.

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Impact! - new Product research, strategy and direction

Designed Administration and Analytics areas. Led activities with engineering to determine how technology could be used on-prem. Started and drove Ideation research and strategy which I presented to office of CTO.

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Analytics for All...still in use 10 years later

I learned a great deal working with Hugh Dubberly to design and build PLX, an analytics and visualization tool that any Googler can use build a dashboard that fits their work.

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Every kind of Enterprise Application

Led design of enterprise applications for project management, product lifecycle management, sales, marketing, service, healthcare, accounting, global close for multinational corporations, journaling, digital asset management, the Fusion and UX architecture. Oh my!

I had the pleasure of working with Karl for many years and he stands out as a design visionary. Whether it was consumer facing or enterprise application designs, you could count on Karl to conceptualize, prototype and articulate multiple compelling design options for even the most complex problems, in a very short timeframe. His design thinking was unique, insightful and in most cases revolutionary. Karl is a must have asset in any UX team that is looking to break boundaries and push innovation.

Arin Bhowmick, EVP & Chief Design Officer, SAP

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