Karl Mochel

Business Process Management

One of the first projects I worked on had tabs for every object in the system. I designed an information architecture based on the business process. It took six months, where in every meeting, I spent ten minutes explaining to the team why the current ask they had would be problematic in the current IA but no problem in the BPM architecture before they took me to their VP, who said, "rebuild it."

Poster we had printed 48in high by 8ft long to hand in the halls to introduce teams to the concept.

Close Process for Multi-national Corporations

When someone asks how I can design in their domain I point to this project. The close process for multi-national companies is a complex problem. I learned about and designed this experience - that tested well - in a few months.

Pages from storyboard showing how the process would be handled via the app.

Concept Cars

Near the end of my tenure I designed a number of exploratory experiences. These animations looked at different visualization directions to see if they would be effective for users to understand complex data spaces.

Video showing a number of concept car prototypes.

Digital Asset Management

One of the most enjoyable projects was the research and design of a Digital Asset Management product. This was meant to be used in conjunction with creative applications like Autodesk's Maya to help animators manage their work.

Storyboard showing user's interactions between Maya and the DAM.

UI Shell

One of the most strategic projects I led was to reconfigure Oracle applications into a unified workspace. This required thinking how various technologies like analytics and collaboration could be integrated and coordination among many product and engineering teams.

Series a slides from a deck proposing a new UI Shell.

Various B2B Projects

Much of the work I did in my first years at Oracle was designing various B2B applications.

Wireframe storyboards of various accounting applications.