Karl Mochel

Case Study - Google PLX

I was hired by Hugh Dubberly of Dubberly Design Office to design a business analytics application for Googlers to create their own dashboards from Google data. This product was later named PLX and is still in use today.

Hugh and I interviewed three users. Then I interviewed another five across the company. Then Hugh, product management, engineering, and I whiteboarded ideas and technical constraints.

A few captures from the whiteboarding

I then made this concept and activity map of the proposed capabilities.

PLX is an analytics tool used by organizations to...

I diagrammed out the different areas needed to provide the capabilities.

Wireframes of areas of application

And I produced flows showing how users would move across activities...

Wireframed flow diagram.

...then produced high definition mockups of the proposed product.

High fidelity wireframes of the results