Karl Mochel

Case Study - Ideation Research

After finishing in three months work my manager said would take the team two years to complete I looked for another project. Socialcast had been thinking about adding ideation to the product but had no strategy or plan. I created a research plan, moderated sessions and created a strategy and plan for implementing the feature set.

Concept map, from competitive and user research, indicating phases of ideation.

I wireframed out the directions and interactions the product would need or could take with explanations of the value the feature provided.

Wireframe of the pitch feature.

I showed future directions the feature set could take that would make it more valuable than competitors.

Wireframe of the Team challenge capability.

Other Projects

I helped the engineering team unpack how the platform would transition from SaaS to also supporting on-prem.

Slide of deck I created to illustrate concepts.

I designed the analytics portion of the Admin.

Activity page of analytics for admins of a Socialcast system.

After having done the PLX implementation concept map I did one for Socialcast.

Socialcast actions model.