Karl Mochel


The right product gets built when people collaborate well. This happens by seeking to understand each other, as well as we hope to understand our customers. When we understand each other, we build trust and then consensus.


The right product gets built when we are principled about our decisions. This means agreeing on what principles a product needs to be successful, prioritizing our principles, and using them to guide us to a successful product.


The best product may not be reachable in the first iteration, but If we are directionally correct and take a deliberate step-wise approach in that direction, each iteration can be the right product for the moment.


To get the right product to users, we need processes that balance learning with creating a response that meets business goals in a timely manner. We will select the right product design activities to uncover much as possible about our users, our technological capabilities, risks, and desired outcomes.


What the user ultimately experiences is a reflection of the hard work that went into the product. As I wrote in my article Pixel Perfect, we need to pay attention to the details to make sure everyone’s work shines.

Giving Back

I have worked with many great people and appreciate all I have learned from them. In turn, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other designers through mentoring and writing.


The right product enlightens users and makes their lives better. The principles of a product should reflect how much we value our users.