Portfolio Articles Mentoring
Create the deliverables your business needs
Create experience / journey maps, wireframes, service blueprints, storyboards, user flows, concept cars, prototypes, usability testing strategy and plans.
Design and facilitate workshops that extract needs and directions
Plan and facilitate in-person or virtual workshops and ideation sessions to unpack direction or strategies and lead design activities from design thinking, systems thinking to program and project planning.
Research and produce deliverables that help you understand and produce results
Define and run user and stakeholder interview sessions. Define service blueprints, digital product experience / service architecture, roadmap and models to design, create and scale innovation.
Help your business innovate
Help innovate human-centric digital services and products, to vastly improve the business and customers’ or employees’ lives. Create the “big ideas” and vision that will catapult user experience and client business to new levels.
Augment your UX team
Design with or lead your team of designers and user researchers, while partnering with product management, engineering, and other teams to design and create impactful solutions.
Build, size, and develop a UX team
Work with your leadership and teams across the organization to understand and develop a UX team and processes that will deliver quality designs at velocity for your business.
Understanding how LLMs (like ChatGPT) will change your business
Protect your business from the changes LLMs bring. Processes and practices will change, and new businesses will be created…and destroyed. Don’t let yours be the latter.
A better experience than just chatting
How and why point-and-click experiences will augment and sometimes completely replace AI chat.
Questions on The Governance of AI
Jaron Lanier’s “There is no AI” New Yorker article starts the conversation. Start learning about the broader philosophical issues so you can have a voice in how they get resolved.
UX design considerations for acquisitions: Standalone Products
Making acquisitions part of your UX family — A model, a menu, and addressing standalone products. (Part 1 of 3)
Designing for Innovation
Effectively applying design to foster innovation.
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