Superscape Return
Next Generation Products: An architecture for authoring and browsing virtual worlds.
Formulated and designed interfaces to implement user model.
Built prototypes for various aspects of the new authoring environment.
Led design team to establish program's information handling interfaces.
Virtual Reality Toolkit: A graphical environment for authoring virtual worlds.
Conducted user-research to remove bottlenecks in the task flow.
Headed design team to re-architect the interface to incorporate new technologies for the eradication of legacy problems.
Other Assignments
Designed user interface for 'Viscape': A Navigator/IE plug-in for viewing virtual worlds.
Decided dialog content and layout for 'Visualiser for Silicon Graphics': An application for viewing virtual worlds.
Coordinated international design teams.
Evaluated localization issues for the internationalization of the new product line.

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  1. Next Generation Virtual Reality IDE - Development environment with tools to build geometry, assign appearance and code interactions.
    - Design Specification Site

  2. Editor - Window which allows user to specify a set of tools with views for editing a specific aspect of the environment.

  3. Tool Palette Movie* - A demonstration prototype of how the tool palette should operate.

  4. 3D Geometry Selection*  - A movie to show developers how selection should work.

  5. Selection Editor - Advanced selection palette allowing selection based on various kinds of relationships.

  6. Tool Options Palette - Not only allows for optional tool interaction but provides interactive help to assist user with complex interactions.

  7. Consumer Virtual Reality Editor - Editor designed to make virtual reality environment building accessible to the general populace.

  8. Editor Palettes - Simplified controls for editing object, sound, appearance and texture.

* Requires Shockwave player.

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