AOL Time Warner, Netscape, Actra Return
Shopping Experiences: Live, deployed, Internet consumer shopping services.
Define application functionality, navigation and interaction.
Provide strategic vision for design and functional consistency across product lines.
Analyze and develop user tasks, task models and usage scenarios.
Guide the definition of service functionality, architecture scheme and data flow.
Create product navigation maps showing screen states and flow.
Coordinate consistency considerations of application's designs.
Integrate legacy information architecture with future design direction.
Manage three individuals in career aspects such as new hire integration, staffing, training, focal reviews, career development and role growth.
CommerceXpert Applications: Internet business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce applications.
Specified mission statements for admin functionality.
As with many administrative tools the development team built individual tools to solve specific problems as the applications where being built. I led exercises to create a holistic, unified design which helped admins understand the various processes they could control as well as the current state of the system.
Implemented HTML prototypes for end-user, customer service and admin UIs.
The commerce applications were basically the back-end tools needed to manipulate the data and create pages. To sell the applications we needed demonstration prototypes. It was my job to create these, and in doing so I defined much of the functionality of the applications
Designed end-user Java interface for BuyerXpert 1.0.
Prototyped end-user and admin interface for PublishingXpert 2.0-2.2 and MerchantXpert 1.0

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Figure 2 - PDF

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Figure 4a - PDF

Figure 4b

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  1. Shopping Architecture - A comparative illustration of the past and future shopping architecture I created to articulate changes we proposed to make.

  2. Search Interaction - PDF - A document describing how criteria effects results.

  3. Shopping Visual Treatment - Final visual treatment for shopping search

  4. Shopping Assistant - A tool in the AOL client and plug-in for browsers that lets the user search for products and access reviews and compare merchants. Figure 4a - PDF - describes the interactions, 4b illustrates how to consider presenting information, and 4c is an example of the application in the AOL client.

  5. Reviews - PDF - Interaction diagrams for product reviews functionality.

  6. Merchant Comparison - PDF - Flows and visual treatment for functionality to compare merchants.

  7. BillingXpert - Various examples of how functionality could be presented for an application that allows utilities to let customers handle billing online.

  8. MerchantXpert - Front-end example of a B-to-C store application.

  9. BuyerXpert - B-to-B procurement application built in Java.

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